Childrens author Artie Knapp kindly approached me to illustrate his new book "Little Otter Learns to Swim". I really like the optimism and enthusiasm of Arties' story and the images and scenes he has created.

So began a new venture for me and a high speed learning curve. It was a fun challenge to explore the requirements of a series of paintings that tell an extended narrative, a process that requires many considerations and disciplines not needed for an individual painting.

The book also required a shift in style, to one that still employs the realism of my usual work but allows for the whimsy of a childrens story. Artie and I spent a good deal of time discussing how the book might look. I was very keen to produce something that harkened back to the childrens books of my youth with rich illustrations that could be explored alongside the great story.

The book has also had the support of Megan Isadore of the River Otter Ecology Project, who provided the wealth of information for the fact pages in the book and helped us keep everything about "Little Otter" as true to nature as possible.

The book contains 17 new artworks that introduce not only Little Otter and her mother, but a whole cast of riverine wildlife for company.

The book is being published by Ohio University Press and will be available through all major outlets in September 2018. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed illustrating it.


I have just started development work on some character concepts for a new story by author Artie Knapp.

This one is going to be a significant move away from my usual style, with a lot of work going into developing characters to support the narative. Should be lots of fun. Watch this space for more news on the project...


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